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If, like me, you grew up in central Scotland in the eighties, you'll know what this is all about. Someone (a guy named Bill Forsyth to be exact) made a film about your life; fancying folk and wearing terrible clothes and being awkward.

The film has the wit and charm only small, low budget films can produce. It's at its best when the younger members of the cast are natural and not trying too hard to act. It has no special effects, no costumes (other than a penguin suit) and no real plot to speak of, but it captures the feeling of being a certain age in a certain place at a certain time brilliantly. It makes statements about your life which are true and beautiful and funny and stupid all at the same time. Well, it does for me anyways...

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Here are mr whisper's top Gregory's Girl facts, clips, piccies and links :

Clare Grogan became the pixie of pop with Altered Images and now calls herself C P Grogan. She supported England during the 1998 World Cup. She now appears on telly a lot, and does a bit of celebrity matchmaking (see below). She also did some 80's revival type shows last year, singing Altered Images songs.

John Gordon Sinclair went on to become a star of stage and telly, playing gangly, awkward Scotsmen. It's hard not to like his on-screen persona and you do get the feeling he is a talented actor. In a stop press type update, he has recently married one Shauna McLeon, heiress to the Remnant Kings haberdashery fortune. They were introduced by none other than Clare Grogan, who also did a reading at the service. Kinda like a happy ending, really. OK Mr. Spaceman.

I had read several times that the original voices were overdubbed for the film's American release, but had alweays dismissed this as a bit of an urban myth. However, having seen a trailer for the film on IMDB, the horrible truth has finally been revealed to me. I am now dead keen to see the overdubbed version of the film, the trailer had me in stitches - please have a look if you are used to the original version and let me know what you think. Don't stop dancin'.

That Ewan MacGregor connection in full: His first big screen role was a minor part in Forsyth's "Being Human". Then, in Trainspotting, his character Renton paraphrases the "In a million years from now there'll be no men, no women...just a world full of wankers" line from Gregory's Girl. Vida Loca.

A sequel has been made called "Gregory's 2 Girls". It's not a bad film, but it is burdened by plot and acting and pointless character development, things the original joyously lacked. You even feel Sinclair is just acting awkward, which is kinda missing the point.

Bill Forsyth received a BAFTA for Best Screenplay for the film.  He wrote the screenplay whilst working with the Glasgow Youth Theatre, from which most of the cast members were drawn. 

The school in Cumbernauld where Gregory's Girl was filmed (Abronhill High) remains open, despite (my) reports of its closure (thanks to Nail and Graham for putting me right).

The bloke in the Penguin suit was called Christopher Higson.

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Great audio moments from your teen years :

Bella Bella
Modern girls, modern boys  
Worse than my Dad  
The nicest part
OK Mr Spaceman

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